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Meal prep & delivery

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Saving you

From the busy professional, to the on-the-go family, delicious, gourmet & nutritious  meals are provided with the outstanding customer service we are known for. 

Are  you a:

• A driven professional or two career family without time to shop, cook or eat healthy
• A family on-the-run who resorts to fast food out of desperation
• Realized a weight loss goal or have special dietary needs
• Gaining a new dimension on healthy eating
• Recovering from illness or surgery
• Or just plain and tired of planning, shopping and cooking

All Services include the following:

• An in-home consultation to discuss your likes and dislikes
• Personalized menus for your family and meals that everyone will enjoy
• Grocery shopping for all recipe ingredient
• Cooking equipment and access to my pantry 
• Meals that are cooked, packaged, labeled and ready to be heated by you
• A spotlessly clean kitchen

We are a unique personal chef service that provides stress free meals prepared to your specifications 

Call us today for your free consultation 925-207-4395

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